Intuit and Honda Kick Out the Ladder to Rev the Innovation Engine [VIDEO]

by QuickBooks

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Having a culture where all employees are empowered to bring new ideas to the table can really rev a company’s innovation engine.  It’s the kind of culture where employees know that management is really listening, where they have a clear path for moving ideas from concept to reality.

But how do you really listen to your employees? One Intuit staffer, Product Manager Tad Milbourn, created a new way to let employees get their ideas heard, and by doing so opened the door for all of Intuit’s employees to do the same.

As part of Honda’s “Kick Out the Ladder” thought leadership series, Intuit was asked to provide this unique perspective on how an organization’s corporate philosophy allows for innovation and leads to success. This week, five organizations offered their own thoughts on the subject, and we were one of them.

Check out our commentary below, or see what others are saying about “Kick Out the Ladder” at

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