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    Why You Can't Afford to Hire the Wrong Employee

    by on August 9, 2013

    “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

    This cautionary quote, from legendary basketball coach John Wooden, emphasizes the importance of hiring the right employee — the first time. Hiring the wrong employee wast…

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    CoachUp Scores With a Small-Business Slam Dunk

    by on August 7, 2013

    Entrepreneur Jordan Fliegel says coaching makes all the difference to many aspiring athletes.

    “I wasn’t very good at basketball, but I loved it,” Fliegel says. “I found a private coach working at a summer camp I went to, and through his coaching I got…

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    In the Trenches: A Background Check Post-Mortem

    by on August 7, 2013

    A little over a month ago, I wrote about my struggle to find the right way to do a background check on a new employee. Now that I’ve successfully completed one, I thought I’d share what I learned during the experience.

    First, I should say that this was on…

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    Hire a Recruiter to Find Your Next Great Employee

    by on August 6, 2013

    Hiring great employees for your small business can be a difficult and time-consuming chore. That’s why many small-business owners opt to use an outside recruiting firm to search for, vet, and rank suitable candidates.

    However, the quality of the applican…

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    How to Cover Your Bases When Hiring Foreign Workers

    by on August 5, 2013

    An estimated 8 million unauthorized workers were employed in the U.S. in 2010, constituting 5.2 percent of the nation’s labor force, according to a 2013 report by the Migration Policy Institute. Although it can be tempting to hire undocumented immigrants to …

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    Small Business Employment Drops for First Time in Months

    by on August 2, 2013

    For the first time since January 2013, U.S. small businesses saw a slight decline in employment, according to the July Intuit Small Business Employment and Revenue Indexes. July small business employment dropped 0.05 percent, equating to 10,000 jobs for busine…

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    Foster an Open, Honest Workplace Culture

    by on August 1, 2013

    Dishonesty in the workplace can be harmless if it simply involves co-workers telling occasional white lies to avoid offending one another. But when employees hide mistakes, sabotage their peers, lie to customers, or steal from the business, you have a major pr…

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    How Will the New Health Care Law Affect Your Business?

    by on July 30, 2013

    You may have heard that under the Affordable Care Act businesses with 50 or more employees will be fined for not providing health insurance benefits.

    That provision remains in place, but on July 2 the Obama administration extended the deadline for coverin…

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