Solving The Office Coffee Crisis

by QuickBooks

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Without coffee even the best office can turn into a crisis center, complete with employees dozing off at their desk, falling asleep in meetings with clients, and much worse. However, getting that revitalizing cup of joe isn’t always simple. Some larger corporations offer coffee services with direct delivery to the cubicle, of course that isn’t always an option for the small business owner or employee. Here are a few ways to avoid the crisis.

Coffee Maker – Almost everyone has one of these sitting in their kitchen at home, so why not get one for the office? Pros: They’re easy to use and can brew enough coffee for an entire office in about ten minutes. Cons: Who buys the coffee and what coffee will satisfy every coffee drinker in the office? Plus, it can get messy, especially if it’s not cleaned out regularly. Then there’s the mysterious employee who will pour out the last cup of coffee, but refuses to brew another pot.

Single Serve Coffee Makers – Single serve coffee makers are becoming very popular in homes and offices. Pros: They’re easy and quick with no mess to clean up. Cons: The initial investment is more expensive than most drip brew coffee makers, plus you have the price of the buying K-Cups on a regular basis. Then throw in the age old dilemma of who buys the coffee? If your office has gone green, the single use K-Cups are thrown out after every cup of coffee and can’t be recycled.

French Press Or Pour Over – You can always tell that you have a coffee snob or coffee purist in your office when you see someone using a French Press or Pour Over. Pros: These methods create the best-tasting coffee. Cons: Both methods only make a limited amount of coffee, and you’re going to need a water source hotter than the sink to heat the water. To be a true purist, you have to grind the beans right before use. That sound is really going to annoy the neighbor in the next cubicle.

Bringing Coffee From Home – Many coffee addicts load up with coffee from home, carrying in everything from a 12-ounce traveler mug to a giant 34-ounce thermos. Pros: There’s no need to have anything to make the coffee at work, nothing extra to clean at the office, and you get to make the coffee how you want. Cons: No matter the size of their traveler, they always run out of coffee midway through the day, sending employees out to Starbucks.

Buy Coffee – Every corner has a coffee shop now, so why not just run down there to get the next perk up? Pros: It’s as easy as walking down the street, and the employees there have to clean up the mess. Cons: Unless you stick to just the coffee, the habit is going to empty your wallet quickly and add to your waistline if you like those calorie-filled white chocolate mochas. Plus, you have to leave your office, cutting into your working time.

Coffee Services – Companies that provide machines, coffee, and clean-up services are widely available, but they are so expensive that they are almost always out of reach of even larger small businesses.

The best solution that I’ve found is a combination of of the above options, but finding the perfect mix can be difficult. I start off my morning with coffee from home, brew a pot in the office drip maker mid-morning, and grab a coffee from the coffee shop down the street to make it through the afternoon.

So, how do you get your morning cup of coffee?

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