Who's Your Employee Idol?

by QuickBooks

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Never mind if they can sing: Is there an Employee Idol in your midst?  How well do you know your employees – perhaps you have a master chef, a hidden Picasso, or the next Ansel Adams?  Or maybe you have the musical talent to put together your own office band?!

A fun way to recognize employees is to showcase their talents.  For example, Laurie Sheflin of Intuit shares, “At my last job, at a small office of ten employees, we had an enormously talented office manager. Our boss encouraged the office manager to share her vocal talent at our holiday party.  She really inspired the rest of us to join in, as back-up singers, playing maracas, using a file cabinet as a drum, whatever our talents allowed.  It was a fun way to recognize a talented employee and engage everyone as a team.”

Recognizing and celebrating office talent not only boosts employee morale, but can also produce richer relationships and add fun to the office atmosphere.  The benefits of recognizing talent can be exponential, since the positive, enthusiastic attitude of even one employee can have a viral effect in your office.  With little or no expense and a nominal investment of time and energy, you can reap the positive benefits of employee talent recognition with increased employee morale, improved retention, more engaged employees, and higher productivity.

Some fun ways to inspire and celebrate talent include:

  • Holding an office cook-off event.
  • Arranging a team event or off-site – think painting, sculpting, pottery, or cooking.
  • Putting on a talent show.
  • Holding contests – writing, photography, interpretive dance, etc. – then showcasing the entries.

There’s an abundance of talent lurking within our small businesses and finding it and recognizing it can be fun.  Do you have a known (or hidden!) talent in your office?  Tell us who your “Employee Idol” is and recognize them in a shout out here on the Intuit Small Business Blog or on our Intuit Payroll Facebook Page.

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