Small Businesses Wish Big for the Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]


For small businesses, this holiday season isn't looking cheerful. A recent Intuit Small Business Survey found that small businesses are surviving but not thriving, and that winter is the toughest single season of the year for them. The good news is that they're a resourceful and optimistic group and can stretch a dollar a long [...]

Telltale Signs of a Small Business Superfan [INFOGRAPHIC]


The "buy local" trend has been gaining momentum all over the U.S. as more and more consumers are beginning to understand its positive effects on them, their community, and the environment. But who in your community is the biggest local biz booster? How do you recognize a small business superfan? Check out the infographic below [...]

Making it in America: Foreign-Born Entrepreneurs [INFOGRAPHIC]


Since its foundation, the U.S. has been a country of immigrants, offering many who leave their home countries the opportunity to realize their dreams on their own terms. It takes guts, tenacity, and determination to leave behind your home and a familiar way of life to pursue something new and potentially risky -- but it's [...]
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Getting Ready to Sell Your Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]


Starting a small business takes heart and guts -- and so does selling that beloved business. The decision to sell can be heart wrenching, but whether you're doing so because the work is no longer enjoyable or because you need more time outside of work, the desired end result is often the same: You want [...]

Is Your Small Business in Need of Reinvention? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 1998, Steve Jobs triumphantly returned to the company he’d co-founded two decades earlier. At the time, Apple was at a crossroads: Success was anything but certain. “The cure for Apple is not cost-cutting," Jobs said at the time. "The cure for Apple is to innovate its way out of its current predicament.” In 2012, [...]

3 Tips to Get Your Customers to "Check In" [INFOGRAPHIC]


More than ever, consumers are relying on their smartphones to point them toward the best deals in town on the fly. For small-business owners, that means an opportunity to get them in the door when they’re already nearby. Nearly half of all U.S. adults now own a smartphone and, among them, one in five “checks [...]

How to Keep Your Seasonal Business Going after Tourists Head Home [INFOGRAPHIC]


Summer tourism can bring a big boost to revenue to your business. Get six strategies to keep your seasonal business going after tourists head home.

How to Pay Employees Differently, But Keep Everyone Happy [INFOGRAPHIC]


Finally! Your business is up and running, you're getting paid to do what you love, and you've even hired an employee (or two). Now it's time to pay the people who help make that happen every day. But how much do you pay each employee? And how much are you supposed to hold back for [...]