2011 Small Business Holiday Season Wrap-Up [INFOGRAPHIC]


As we settle into the new year, it's time to take a moment to reflect on how small business fared during the holidays, the biggest sales season of the year for many. In this infographic, we summarize year-over-year changes in holiday sales overall, by geography, and by industry -- based on aggregate and anonymized data [...]

The High Cost of Printing [INFOGRAPHIC]


Despite the meteoric rise of online solutions to conduct business coupled with the powerful "go green" movement, small businesses still heavily rely on old-fashioned printing for key functions like marketing and invoicing. And they're not just users of printed materials; 85 percent of commercial printers are small businesses. But printing on paper is a surprisingly [...]

The Small Business Year in Review 2011, Outlook 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]


As 2011 winds down, we checked in with small businesses to hear their reflections on the year and what opportunities they see in the new year. In our annual survey of small businesses, we learned that they're as resilient as ever. Despite a slow year, small business owners are cautiously optimistic about 2012 with 67 [...]
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'Tis the Season: The Holidays Kick into High Gear [INFOGRAPHIC]


With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, the holiday season is officially upon us. It's a "make or break" time of year for many small businesses, so how promising does this season look? In this infographic, we examine the 2011 holiday season forecast and review the numbers from years past. Click the infographic for an [...]

The Expanding Small Business Web [INFOGRAPHIC]


Finding a well-regarded local restaurant, hair stylist, dry cleaner -- you name it -- takes little more than a simple web search and a quick scroll through reviews and ratings. With 97 percent of U.S. online consumers relying on the internet to shop locally and with customers offering their peers unsolicited business reviews all the [...]

Crowd Power: What Is Crowdfunding? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Since its inception as a way to expose new lines of credits outside of traditional bank loans, microfinance has evolved with the ages. Seeded by the Grameen Bank, industry trailblazers like Kiva and Prosper applied the concept of microlending to the Internet, spawning people-to-people lending. The newest breed of microfinance -- crowdfunding -- is fast [...]

Small Business Employment, Compensation, Hours Worked All Up in September 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC]


The Intuit Small Business Employment Index for September is showing signs of relief for small business employment. In spite of all the uproar over the threatened European financial meltdown, this good news is very welcome. Unlike in August, there's no softness in September’s numbers: Employment is up, hours worked are up, and compensation is up. [...]

How Small Businesses Use and Lose Time [INFOGRAPHIC]


For small businesses, time is money. Even for expert multitaskers, there never seems to be enough time in the day for small business owners to accomplish everything on their to do lists. In fact, saving time in the back office is the top pain point we hear from small businesses, which is why we focus [...]