How to Set Up a Contract to Guarantee Your Invoices Get Paid

Learn to set up a contract between a client and a vendor to ensure you get paid—outlining the terms of a project is essential.

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From sent to paid in days

“The ability to invoice clients from my desktop, laptop, or mobile phone gets me paid faster. It allows me to spend more time designing for my clients.”

– Hank, QuickBooks Essentials User


Getting Paid

Get Paid On Time: The Complete Guide to Invoices

Every business needs to get paid to stay afloat. The first step is creating and sending an invoice. Learn the ins and outs of invoicing here

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Get Paid Faster

Learn how Quickbooks helps you stay on top of your sales and customers in our free webinar.

Getting Paid

20 Ways to Get Clients to Pay Their Bills and Invoices Faster

Few things are more frustrating than waiting for an invoice to get paid. Learn 20 simple tricks and tips to ensure your bills get paid quick

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Free Invoice Template

Free invoice generator. Create custom invoices online and download printable PDF samples. Professional template design by QuickBooks.

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Accounting & Finance

Accounts Receivable: A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Extending Credit to Customers

Accounts Receivable allows businesses to sell on credit, which attracts more buyers. Learn how to close more sales without putting your busi

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Getting Paid

Managing Cash Flow and Accounts Receivable: How to Collect Invoices Faster

Without cash, every company will eventually go out of business. Get some accounts receivable tips to help speed up your cash flow.

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How to Create an Invoice

Wondering how to create an invoice? Follow our steps to create the perfect invoice and ensure that you get paid accurately and efficiently.

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