All in the Family [VIDEO]

by QuickBooks

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A & J is a sheetmetal manufacturer located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The majority of the company’s business involves precision sheetmetal fabrication for high-tech manufacturing companies all over the world. Amrik Atwal started the business in 1994 and his wife, Jagtar, soon joined in 1996. The company has weathered the storms of the dot-com era and the recent economic downturn, and is focused on continuing growth.

After graduating college in 2001 with a degree in Physical Therapy, Amrik’s son Suki Atwal decided to join the family business and things have been going great ever since. Beyond having the opportunity to learn from and work with a business owner who has more than 15 years of experience, Suki has the luxury of spending quality time with his dad while running the family business.

And to celebrate Father’s Day, Suki offered to hold down the fort at A&J and sent his Dad to Hawaii for a well-deserved vacation.   A&J

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