BookSmart Wins July Love A Local Business Grant

By QuickBooks

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In July, thousands of fans voted for their favorite businesses to win small business grants on BookSmart in Morgan Hill, California, is the loved-lucky-local business randomly selected to win a $5,000 grant. Plus, Booksmart is now the first of three Finalists who may win the additional Grand Prize that increases their grant to $30,000.

Owner Brad Jones has promised his customers that he’ll use half of the grant money to support local schools by awarding gift certificates to Morgan Hill teachers to purchase books for their classrooms and school. That spirit of community involvement was clearly expressed in this winning nomination, shared by Allison:

“I love Booksmart because I can go in there and get personalized service by people who care about our town and the people that live here. They have a vested interest in our town because it’s their town too!
Thanks Booksmart”

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