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Early last month, we announced the winners of our Small Business United Grant Competition. Music teacher Ioana Sherman of Chapel Hill, N.C., was the grand prize winner of a $25,000 business grant.

I recently had a chance to catch up with Ioana and hear what she’s been up to since winning the grant. In the two months since the competition ended, she’s been hard at work continuing to build her dream – she is using the grant money to convert her house into Harmony Music Studio.

Ioana and her husband Chris bought the house six months ago, thinking they would renovate the basement so Ioana could start teaching from there and save up to renovate the rest of the house into a full studio. The grant has allowed her to fast-forward this plan. She says:

“This experience has truly been life changing… It is not only changing my life, but all of the students who will grow and learn music at Harmony Music Studio.”

Ioana expects to celebrate the grand opening of Harmony Music Studio in late September. We’ll be following her journey to achieving her dream via her blog and invite you to do the same.

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