Cleaning for a Good Cause Made Possible by Intuit

by Michael Essany

2 min read

After serving eight years in the U.S. Navy, Danielle McCray wanted to start her own business as both a way to give back to her community of Florence, South Carolina, and to help secure a positive future for her son.

“When I got out of the Navy,” she remembers, “I was working for the Postal Service and then I got laid off. I said, you know what, I’m going to start a business.” The result of this epiphany was a small residential and commercial cleaning business that she runs today with two additional cleaning professionals on staff.

“We started The Cleaning Bouquet in December of 2011,” McCray reveals. And almost immediately, the small business developed a big heart for those in need.

“We partnered with ‘Cleaning for a Reason,’ and that was the most awesome thing that I could have done,” the military veteran explains.

The organization helps to provide women undergoing cancer treatment with free house cleanings.

“Being able to help these ladies is so awesome,” she says. “And I do it out of the kindness of my heart. I still have to pay my employees, but it’s OK.”

In light of how committed Danielle McCray is to helping her community, the small business owner recently entered Intuit’s Small Business Big Wishes campaign as one additional avenue to potentially help her clients and employees even further.

“Being granted $5,000 would enable us to purchase completely-sealed, true HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners and assist in our transition to becoming a ‘green’ company,” McCray explained in her wish entry. “While undergoing chemo, these patients are sensitive to smells, and non-hazardous products are ideal. A clean house should be a healthy house… my employees will thank me in the long run as well.”

This week, Intuit reached out to the kind-hearted small business owner to announce that her wish will be granted.

“Oh my goodness,” McCray responded, overwhelmed by emotion upon learning the good news. “Thank you so much!”

“A lot of our clients are busy families, elderly people, and cancer patients that we help out,” she says.  “Being able to give back” is what it’s all about. And McCray plans to give back more than ever in 2013 as The Cleaning Bouquet goes green thanks to another granted wish from Intuit!

Big Wishes Come True for Small Businesses

During the month of December, Intuit granted 15 big wishes to 15 deserving small businesses. Although the Small Business Big Wishes campaign has come to an end, check back soon for Intuit’s next program and perhaps your small business dream will become a reality in 2013.

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