Cupcake Queen Wins a Sweet Treat from Intuit with $25,000 Grant


It’s one of the oldest truths of the culinary art -- food prepared with love always tastes better.

For more than a decade, Billie Baird has lovingly baked her signature decadent desserts for customers who are always treated like family.

Now it’s finally Billie’s turn to feel the love in return. This week, the cupcake queen’s Choctaw, Oklahoma-based Abbi Kate’s Cupcakes — a premium cupcake maker — is the latest Love A Local Business winner. Intuit will award Baird a $25,000 hiring grant.

Baking Up A Dream

“I’ve done it for over ten years,” Baird admits of her baking and catering enterprises, which began with friends and family as her first clients.

“I’ve been homeroom mom for six years, so I come up with all kinds of creations,” she says, noting that her exquisite desserts experiments (like the peach-shaped 'cakes pictured above) helped build a ready-to-go clientele and left many wondering when an actual business would be born.

“Everyone would say these are so good, you need to start your own business,” Baird remembers. “And so we started it kind of small.”

A Family Affair

Today, Abbi Kate’s Cupcakes – named for Baird’s 12-year-old daughter – is a family run, web-based business that serves (and delivers to) the surrounding Oklahoma City suburbs.

“We are going to open a storefront,” Baird revealed when asked to consider how she will use the Intuit grant money. “We already have it designed. We just haven’t found the spot yet.  It’s going to be like a lounge, where the college kids and high school kids can come and sit on couches and relax and have Wi-Fi and eat their cupcakes. Now we can follow our dream.”

Cook Up Some Love Yourself!

Are you a small business owner looking to hire but lack the funds to do so? Nominate your business for a Love a Local Business grant today.