East Lansing and Jefferson City Turn Love Into Cash

by QuickBooks

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The results of our June 2011 City-by-City Love a Local Business Competition are in!  East Lansing, Michigan and Jefferson City, Missouri received the most votes for small businesses in their zip codes during the month of June.

All of that love for the community and for local businesses has turned into cash.  Five businesses in each city will receive a $5,000 grant to help them grow and support job expansion.  Additionally, Intuit will be giving a $1,000 donation to the Chambers of Commerce in each of those cities.

East Lansing is located near the capital city of Michigan and is known for being the home of Michigan State University. Being a college town definitely helped the city, as the college, along with the Chamber of Commerce, was instrumental in helping East Lansing to win.  They publicized the contest and rallied their citizens to vote for businesses in the area.

Jefferson City is located in the middle of Missouri and is the capital of the Show-Me State.  The Chamber of Commerce in the city also helped to rally citizens in the town of 40,000 people to vote for local businesses.

Congratulations to everyone in the towns of East Lansing and Jefferson City.  We are in the process of picking the 10 winners of the grants from within those cities and will be posting the winners soon.

Our new City-by-City competition for July just launched and it’s not too late for your town to receive their share of $50,000 in grants.  Go nominate your favorite local business now.  Businesses nominated will also be entered to win the $25,000 grant that is available every month from July to September.

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