East Lansing Loves Local Businesses

by QuickBooks

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East Lansing, Michigan showed its love of local businesses in June by nominating over 300 of its hometown businesses for a grant from Intuit’s Love A Local Business grant competition. Because of this, the small town in the heart of Michigan is receiving $26,000 to support local businesses.

Three businesses in the town have won grants of $5,000 each.  Additionally, Intuit is donating $11,000 to the Chamber of Commerce in order to help it serve local businesses.

The first winner of a $5,000 grant is the Michigan Safety Conference. Denise McGinn, the executive director of this 82-year-old non-profit, was thrilled to hear the news. Michigan Safety Conference provides training for workplace safety, hosting a yearly conference that brings in over 2,500 people from all types of industries. The organization found out about the Love a Local Business campaign when its grant writer was doing a search for grants to help develop training segments. Denise says the organization will use the money to become more web-savvy and to better target the right companies for its courses.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Associates is the second winner.  CEMA plans, trains, and exercises businesses for disasters, helping them determine how to prepare for and cope with any disasters they may face in the future. Most recently, CEMA prepared its local airport for a potential bomb attack by setting up a mock disaster scene with 76 “injured” patients and engaged 13 different emergency organizations, including the police, fire department, and hospital. CEMA currently has eight employees and plans to use this grant to bring its payroll services in-house with one of its current staff members. Tracy, Office Manager at CEMA, says the grant will be a well-needed boost to the business, as well as a great marketing opportunity to bring awareness to the community about the important work that CEMA does.

Association Guidance, our third winner, provides a variety of back office services for associations and small universities. Tracy Litzinger, business manager, was thrilled to hear the news about winning the grant. The company found out about the Love a Local Business campaign from neighboring non-profit organization and fellow winner Michigan Safety Conference. The company plans to use the grant to expand the hours of a part-time employee.

Congratulations to all three winners from East Lansing!  If you would like your community to win the next set of City Challenge Grants from Love A Local Business, don’t forget to nominate your favorite business!

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