Indiana Small-Business Owner Wins $5,000 Grant from Intuit

by Michael Essany

1 min read

ClearStar Windshield Repair of Carmel, Ind., is the latest winner of a $5,000 grant in Intuit’s Love a Local Business Campaign.

“This is so cool!” says owner Paul Lawrence, who decided to begin working for himself nearly four years ago. “I had gotten laid off from two separate companies within 10 years and kind of got tired of the nonsense — the mergers and the buyouts. And I said I [was] going to go back to what I did earlier in business: rock chip repair and replacements. I said I would do this as a business and see how it flies, and that’s what got me started.”

Lawrence, an industry veteran, had the skills and knowledge to succeed on his own.

“I’ve been in the auto-glass business for 21 years,” he notes, “but I went back [to] just doing windshield repair. We fix rock chips and other damage to windshields. We go mobile to wherever [customers] are. It takes about 15 minutes, and I [offer] a lifetime guarantee that they won’t crack after they’re fixed. I’ve done a couple thousand of them and only had a couple people call back with problems. So I have a good batting average.”

Lawrence says he launched his small business online.

“The first thing I did was go to Intuit and set up a website,” he recalls. “I made it on my own. They made it really easy to design it. 99 percent of my business today comes from that website. I have referred Intuit to a lot of people. It’s cheap and simple to use — and that’s why I stuck with them for so long with such good results.”

Best of all for the native Hoosier, the grant from Intuit comes at an opportune time for his growing family business.

“I’m going to train my nephew to do what I do, so I can cover a different side of town,” Lawrence says. “I’m on the north side of Indianapolis. I’d like to get my nephew doing it out there on the west side.”

Love Your Local Business

You could be the next winner of a $5,000 grant from Intuit! If you haven’t already, click here to nominate your small business for a chance to win a Love a Local Business grant from Intuit.

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