QuickBooks Is Helping Addy Mac’s Creamery Scoop Up Some Local Buzz

by Michael Essany

2 min read

While entrepreneur Justin Scott was studying accounting in college, he dreamed of one day opening a small business in his hometown of Bend, Ore.

“My mom, she grew up on a farm,” Scott says. “It was a small family farm. They had cows, chickens, goats, pigs — all kinds of farm animals. And so I grew up from a very young age making ice cream. We had a hand-crank machine and made it on our back porch. I’ve always really loved ice cream [and] also how we made ice cream.”

So, after graduating, the young entrepreneur already had the idea for a venture he could be endlessly passionate about.

“When it came time to start something, I thought, ‘I really love ice cream — homemade ice cream — so let’s take something that we enjoy and are passionate about and turn it into a business and share it with others,’” Scott explains.

To that end, in October he started work on Addy Mac’s Creamery, a family-run business (named for daughters Addy and Mackenzie) that collaborates with brewers, farmers, and local chefs to make  ice cream.

Preparing for Launch

With the creamery’s grand opening set for May, Scott entered QuickBooks’ Small Business Local Buzz campaign in the hopes of generating some critically important buzz in Bend.

“Our city has a strong craft beer and ‘buy local’ culture, making it an excellent place to start a business,” he boasted in his entry. “We’d love to generate some buzz around our brand and collaborations by sharing some of these incredible stories. For example, our breweries send their beer mash to local farmers, who then use the beer byproduct to feed their cows, cows make delicious cream and milk, we use the cream and milk to make ice cream!”

This week, a scoop of good luck came Scott’s way: His small business is one of 15 that QuickBooks has selected to win a customized marketing package worth $5,000.

“This is wonderful,” the ice cream impresario said upon receiving official word. “Thank you so much.”

When asked what message he is most excited to promote to his friends and neighbors, Scott returned to the subject of his humble beginnings enjoying ice cream with family.

“I want them to know that we’re a local family and we really value relationships. That’s what is really important to us,” Scott tells the Intuit Small Business Blog. “That means the people [who] we work with and the ingredients that we source for our ice cream.”

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Local Buzz On!

Between Feb. 2 and March 16, small businesses have an opportunity to win a customized marketing package worth $5,000. The prize package includes tools tailored to your business, such as a custom video, a social media consultation, and an email template — all geared toward getting more customers, faster. If your small business could benefit from some community buzz, enter now for your chance to win!

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