Maria Luisa's Gift Store Gets a Present from Her Customers

by QuickBooks

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In February, fans showered their favorite businesses with love on Love  We received over 25,000 votes for their favorite businesses, and over 300 of those votes were from fans in Nyack, New York, who shared why they love Maria Luisa Gifts & Accessories.  This is what one fan had to say:

 “Everyone is very helpful and friendly.  The clothes are fun and unique.  I live in Nyack and I am happy to support my community’s store.”

Thanks to Deb, Maria Luisa Gifts & Accessories has been selected the winner of our February Grand Prize Grant worth $35,000.  She has won:

  • $9,500 that she can use to complete the expansion of her shop
  • a $25,000 local radio campaign on the  Westwood One network that she can use to fill the lower (and upper) level with customers looking for a “fun and unique” boutique
  • and $500 in Intuit products she plans to use for a POS system that will help her and her employees continue to offer “helpful and friendly” service.

Four other businesses won $5,000 grants in February:

Buchi Cafe Cubano in Denver, Co – Fan Rob Allmart shared, “There are too many reasons to list why I love Buchi, but it is the perfect combination of the best coffee in Denver, and an owner that brings the amazing tastes of Cuba to Denver.   All while doing his best to support his community!!  Vote Buchi!”

Phil’s Dream Pit in Kingsport, TN – “It’s Great food with a family friendly enviroment,” according to Melissa who loves Phil’s BBQ, along with 15 other fans who voted last month.

BabyBearShop in Nashville, TN – received 625 votes in February, including, this from oldfart, “All-natural, firm-believer, great for kids.”

Happy Harbor Inn in Deale, MD – Owner hppyhrbr has this to say, “This is a great locals joint with good food, cheap beer and loads of personality!”

It’s not to late to nominate a business you love.

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