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Do Small Businesses Help People Live Longer?

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Here’s a nice conversation-starter for your next cocktail party: Small-business owners help the people around them live healthier lives. It’s true. A paper co-authored by professors at Louisiana State University and Baylor University makes a compelling case that communities with higher concentrations of locally owned small businesses have lower rates of mortality, obesity, and diabetes [...]

'Cash Mobs' Boost Local Businesses

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To combat the onslaught of daily deals and big-box stores that are squeezing local merchants, consumers nationwide are banding together in groups known as “cash mobs.” A cash mob is similar to a flash mob, but instead of descending upon a public place to surprise onlookers with a “spontaneous” public performance, participants arrive en masse at [...]

Market Your Business More Effectively as Part of a Collective

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When it comes to promoting your business, joining a collective — a group of affiliated enterprises — can increase your reach and marketing power, present new opportunities, and even reduce your expenses. Here are a few options to consider. Join a formal chamber of commerce. Perhaps the most common type of business collective is a [...]
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Todali Tackle Reels in Success After Winning Intuit Grant

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Alicia Haynes still remembers the phone call she received in November 2010. It was a call that would profoundly impact her business, Todali Tackle, a maker of custom, hand-poured fishing baits that "fishermen like and the fish love." As it turned out, Haynes was being notified that Todali Tackle was the winner of a $25,000 [...]

For Humphry Slocombe, Twitter is the Cherry on Top of the Ice Cream


How does a local ice cream parlor transcend the plain-vanilla archetype? By not serving plain vanilla, for starters. Sure, purists can find mainstays like chocolate and mint chip on the menu at Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco. But the shop caters to more adventurous palates, offering creative flavors such as candied jalapeño, balsamic caramel, and [...]

Eric Kent Wine Cellars Survives Recession with Craftsmanship (and a Little Luck)


The wine business was booming in 2002 when Kent Humphrey sold his advertising company and invested in starting Eric Kent Wine Cellars. Unbeknown to him, the global financial crisis lurked just around the corner. He would have only a few short years to establish his product in both a crowded marketplace and an industry where anything [...]

Intuit Goes to The Dogs (and Cats) to Award Latest $25,000 Hiring Grant

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The newest small business catering to pets in Elwood, Indiana is still just a pup itself. “We recently opened on December 19,” owner Matt Spivey confesses, noting that his humble enterprise presently occupies only 240 square feet of retail space. But there’s lots of love for the furry friends among us within that compact space [...]

How to Identify Your Most Influential Customers

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You try to be good to all of your customers, but you may want to reserve extra-special treatment for those who talk about your business online. A "peer influence analysis" by Forrester Research found that 13.4 percent of adults online generate 80 percent of the posts that influence others, which may include blogs, tweets, and [...]