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Create a ‘Buy Local’ Blitz for Holiday Shopping

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How do you convince shoppers to spend money in their own community during the holiday season? Pool the power of local businesses! This strategy has worked particularly well for merchants in the city of Bixby, Okla., where this year they’re mounting the seventh “Buy Bixby” campaign. When customers shop at one of 110 participating businesses [...]

Holiday Volunteering Supports Your Business and the Community

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Supporting a charitable cause is good for the community and for your business. Beyond helping nonprofit groups, studies show that volunteering can encourage employee teamwork, boost morale, and generate positive PR for a company. Want to give back during the holidays? Here are a few ways to do so, plus some tips for getting the most [...]

Making Sure Your In-Store Santa Visit Is a Success

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Do you want kids and their parents (who hold the purse strings) to flock to your shop this holiday season? A visit from Santa Claus can help you draw a crowd. Just be sure to choose your St. Nick with care. Here are four tips for making sure Santa’s in-store appearance is successful. 1. Set [...]
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Using Foursquare’s New Advertising Platform to Market Your Business

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Foursquare recently added an advertising platform to its suite of tools available to businesses. The platform enables the more than 1.4 million companies registered with the social media site to run location-based ads. These ads are much more visible to Foursquare’s users than the default (yet searchable) business listings in the site’s database. The new platform promises [...]

What to Do When You Think Your Business Needs More Space

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Growth is generally a good thing for small businesses, but it can be scary when it means you need more square footage. Although relocating to larger quarters usually signals to customers that your company is confident, successful, and financially strong, it may seem risky, difficult, and emotionally challenging to you and your team. Here’s what [...]

Drive Holiday Sales With a Men's Panic Party


Male shoppers are notorious for waiting until the last minute to buy holiday gifts. Savvy jewelers and other retailers can turn this habit into sales — and help men choose the perfect gift for their spouses or partners — by hosting a men’s panic party. For example, Elyse Fine Jewelers in Reading, Mass., is preparing [...]

Coffee Shop Fueled by Budget-Conscious Pricing


When Adam Banks opened a coffee shop in Chicago’s trendy Wicker Park neighborhood in July, he was determined not to gouge customers with $5 to $7 espresso drinks. Coffee, he believes, should be accessible to everyone, including people on a tight budget. Beverages at his establishment, Ready Coffee, cost $1 to $3. Ready Coffee also [...]

Competing With Big-Box Stores for Back-to-School Dollars

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According to data from the National Retail Federation, the average family with schoolchildren will spend $634.78 — or $836.83, if the students are in college — this year on purchases of clothing, shoes, school supplies, and electronics. Total back-to-school spending is expected to reach $72.5 billion. If you run a retail business, you have an opportunity [...]