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The Daddy of All Coffees

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According to Lee Paterson, the founder of Hula Daddy Coffee, not all coffee is created equal. The words "pure Kona coffee" can be deceiving. For those who are coffee connoisseurs or just desire the morning cup to get your day started, know that the word "pure" has a certain status to live up to. When [...]

Finding Allies in your Community

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In more prosperous times, businesses were advised to budget a good amount of money for marketing. During this economic downturn I have learned that while businesses scrape by, money for marketing is scarce and many innovative business owners are learning to reach out to fellow small businesses as a new low to no-cost method to [...]

Take Local Bigger with a Shop Local Campaign

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Featuring your local ties can give you an advantage in local business. If you're ready to go bigger with this concept, start a Shop Local campaign. Do Shop Local campaigns work? The research says yes. Let's take Portland, Maine, as an example. In a 2007 survey to check the results of their project, more than [...]
Financial Reporting

Grant Competition Winners

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We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Small Business United Grant Competition this morning. Congratulations to Ioana Sherman of Chapel Hill, N.C., the grand prize winner of the $25,000 business grant! She will also receive $2,500 in Intuit products and services. Ioana always had a passion for music. As a 10-year-old, she begged [...]

Building Harmony

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Early last month, we announced the winners of our Small Business United Grant Competition.