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StartUp New York Helps Small Businesses After Superstorm Sandy

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The StartUp New York Coalition is an ambitious new organization intended to provide free assistance to small businesses affected by Superstorm Sandy. If your Big Apple-based enterprise took a hit from weather damage, power outages, or reduced customer activity — or if you want to help those that were — here’s what you need to [...]

Why Local Merchants Should Sell Products Online (and 5 Tips for Doing So)

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Each year, retail experts weigh in on the impact that e-commerce is having on traditional stores. Their current consensus: Local merchants who don’t offer their customers the option of ordering online are missing out on sales. Indeed, early reports from comScore show that 2012 retail e-commerce spending during the first 44 days of the 2012 [...]

Intuit Helps Auto Shop Weather Devastating Storm

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“Auto repair is second nature to me,” admits Jerry Mallard, owner of American Automotive Repair. “My daddy had me under a car at seven years old ... I've been in cars ever since.” Working beneath the hood is Jerry’s greatest hobby and professional passion. It’s also what he is best known and respected for in [...]
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Wish Helps California Bookstore Turn the Page on Longstanding Goal

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In 1981, Linda and Dennis Ronberg formed what would soon become known throughout Los Altos, California as Linden Tree Books. Originally specializing in children’s recordings, the establishment would richly evolve over the next three decades into a community treasure like no other. It goes without saying that longtime patrons of the bookstore were elated in [...]

Intuit Wish Holds the Key to Success for Local Locksmith

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For Anna Fouts, the thought of becoming a locksmith never entered her mind -- at least not until she was offered an opportunity to become one. Having developed an unfortunate habit of locking herself out of her home and office, Anna became well acquainted over the years with Wayne Barber, a beloved locksmith of 40 [...]

A 'Sign' of Good Things to Come for In the RA Fitness

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If there's anything hotter than the weather in Phoenix, it's one of the hottest new group fitness studios in the West. But for Serina Kappes, co-founder of In the RA Fitness, the process of turning a negative relationship with fitness into a positive one began in 2009 following years of struggling with her weight. "About [...]

Baker's Wish is a Piece of Cake for Intuit

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For a little more than three years now, Shantal Derboghosian has led a double life. By day, she is an accomplished chemist who holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering from UCLA. But by night, she is the maven behind some of most exquisite designer cakes and cookies on the West Coast. "I call it [...]

Intuit Wish Helps Young Entrepreneur Remain a ‘Cut’ Above the Rest

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While a majority of his peers were toiling with video games and other common childhood pursuits, eight-year-old Ryan Stadel was becoming the youngest businessman on his block. "When I was a kid," Stadel, now 22, recalls, "my neighbor asked me if I could mow his yard when he went away on vacation. I took a [...]