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Real-Life Shark Tank: How to Find Angel Investors in Your Own Backyard

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The popular TV show Shark Tank is drawing mainstream attention to a funding strategy that innovators and entrepreneurs have used for years: angel investing. The competition for large-scale funding on a national level, of course, is fierce. Looking for an angel investor in your own backyard can be an easier row to hoe. It facilitates [...]

"Local Bucks" Systems Circumvent the Dollar

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It takes only one or two economic crashes like the Great Depression or the Great Recession for some people to start crying for an alternative monetary system. Over the years, these cries have been heard. Today, many alternative currencies exist around the world. Under today's economic stress, more and more people are dissatisfied with "mainstream" [...]

Local Merchants Alliances Gain Traction

Small businesses competing with big-box retailers and other chains in the San Francisco Bay Area have devised strategy for wooing customers into their stores: Join forces to promote one another. Now 200 members strong, the San Francisco Locally Owned Merchants Alliance (including Michell's Ice Cream, pictured) is working to boost the regional economy and its [...]
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Telltale Signs of a Small Business Superfan [INFOGRAPHIC]


The "buy local" trend has been gaining momentum all over the U.S. as more and more consumers are beginning to understand its positive effects on them, their community, and the environment. But who in your community is the biggest local biz booster? How do you recognize a small business superfan? Check out the infographic below [...]

Intuit Making Wishes Come True for Small Businesses

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Success in small business never comes just by wishing for it. But thanks to the new "Small Business, Big Wishes" campaign from Intuit's Love Our Local Business project, numerous small business owners will have their wishes granted in time for the new year. What would it take to help make your business grow? Are you [...]

4 Ways Your Business Can Assist with Sandy Recovery

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Owning a small business allows you to effect change on numerous levels. For many of us, it’s one of the reasons we started a business in the first place. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, why not leverage your company, your network, and your time to lend a hand to those who’ve been put out [...]

6 Ways to Attract Cyclists to Your Business


Think that catering to cyclists is a waste of time? Think again. According to a 2011 study [PDF] released by Portland State University, two-wheeled traffic can boost sales at bars, restaurants, and retail stores. The study found that, although cyclists typically spend about $3 less than motorists per trip, they visit businesses more frequently — [...]

Finding Big-City Success in a Small Town


Something about the town of Southern Pines, N.C., inspires small-business owners to find niche markets there and distinctive ways to serve them. Hirease, an employment screening company, is an excellent example. Hirease founders Heidi and Paul Dent used to live in Atlanta, where they worked for a large data-processing company. But the Dents wanted to [...]