PEP Club Sports in Parker, Colorado Wins a $25,000 Intuit Hiring Grant

by QuickBooks

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Amber Schweitzer, owner of PEP Club Sports in Parker, Colorado is the December winner of a $25,000 Intuit Hiring Grant on  PEP Club is now a Finalist, along with Buss Fitness of Northfield, Ohio and Todali Tackle of Philpot, Kentucky.  One of these three Finalists will be selected by our judge, business advisor Rhonda Abrams, to have their grant doubled to $50,000. 

Amber’s fans posted over 400 votes for her business in response to her requests for support to help PEP Club, her sports and fitness club for kids and their families, win an Intuit Hiring Grant.  She ran a successful “get out the vote” campaign following the advice Intuit provides to Love A Local Business competitors.  She used the free tools provided in the Winner’s Playbook, including posting signs in her club asking customers to Text2Vote using their mobile phones.  Her fans consistely praised Coach Amber for the sports- and lifeskills PEP Club teaches the children. “I felt that I had already won from reading all the positive things that parents had to say, ” Amber explained.

According to Amber, winning this grant has come at the perfect time.  “I’m currently the only paid employee.  We’ve outgrown our location and are expanding to more sites to accommodate more sports.  I need to hire site managers to run the other venues.” She added, “I haven’t slept in weeks because of worrying about this.” (She’s not alone, according to a recent Intuit survey, “growing my business” is the top concern keeping 27% of small business owners up at night.)

It’s not too late for you to be featured in our next winner’s announcement.  A new Intuit Hiring Grant competition started on January 1! Vote for your business on today.

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