Todali Tackle in Philpot, Kentucky Wins $25,000 Intuit Hiring Grant

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Alicia Haynes, owner of Todali Tackle in Philpot, Kentucky is the November winner of a $25,000 Intuit Hiring Grant on  Todali Tackle is now a Finalist, along with Buss Fitness of Northfield, Ohio, who could be selected by our judge, business advisor Rhonda Abrams, to have their grant doubled to $50,000.  One more Finalist will be chosen in December.  It could be you!

Her fans, including many members of the Lady Bass Anglers Association, consistently praised the quality of the custom, hand-poured baits that Todali Tackle produces, including this winning nomination from L.: “They always go the extra mile for customer satisfaction!”

Alicia shared that winning this grant has come at the perfect time.  Todali Tackle was started in 2006 and demand for her custom bait has grown so much that Alicia and her husband recently took out a loan to expand their barn and production facility.  The business is a family affair, and Alicia was excited by the prospect of finally being able to pay her daughter, who has been a skilled, dedicated volunteer for some time.

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