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Indiana Small-Business Owner Wins $5,000 Grant from Intuit


ClearStar Windshield Repair of Carmel, Ind., is the latest winner of a $5,000 grant in Intuit’s Love a Local Business Campaign. “This is so cool!” says owner Paul Lawrence, who decided to begin working for himself nearly four years ago. “I had gotten laid off from two separate companies within 10 years and kind of [...]

College Entrepreneur Wins Small Business Grant from Intuit

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Brandon Rives is a busy young man. When he isn't studying computer science and business at Tuskegee University or running his upstart entertainment and management company, Rives is actively involved in his community and helping other youngsters find their passion and live their dreams. It's a good thing Brandon still had time to answer his [...]

Clockworks Gets a Big Hand from Intuit Small-Business Grant

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Ask anyone in the Downtown Creative District of Salem, Ore., where you can find the hottest, most laid-back coffee shop in town, and they’re bound to send you to Clockworks Cafe & Cultural Center. Clockworks Cafe is owned and operated by the Culture Shock Community Project, a nonprofit organization that hosts arts and entertainment events. [...]
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Michigan Ebook Mogul Wins Grant from Intuit

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For more than 15 years, Vern Firestone of Redford, Michigan has followed his professional passion. As a freelance marketer, Firestone developed such an impressive body of work that he and his equally marketing-savvy wife, Joni, finally went into business for themselves just last year. Offering customized websites, graphic design, writing services, and book design, Blue [...]

Midwestern Momprenuer Wins $25,000 Hiring Grant from Intuit

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Kelly LeFevre loves to make her clients feel happy, pampered, and confident through jewelry. These days, however, LeFevre is feeling the same way. But it has nothing to do with jewelry and other fashion accessories. LeFevre's Aurora, Illinois-based Kele & Co. is the latest Love a Local Business winner and the recipient of a $25,000 [...]

Todali Tackle Reels in Success After Winning Intuit Grant

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Alicia Haynes still remembers the phone call she received in November 2010. It was a call that would profoundly impact her business, Todali Tackle, a maker of custom, hand-poured fishing baits that "fishermen like and the fish love." As it turned out, Haynes was being notified that Todali Tackle was the winner of a $25,000 [...]

Intuit Goes to The Dogs (and Cats) to Award Latest $25,000 Hiring Grant

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The newest small business catering to pets in Elwood, Indiana is still just a pup itself. “We recently opened on December 19,” owner Matt Spivey confesses, noting that his humble enterprise presently occupies only 240 square feet of retail space. But there’s lots of love for the furry friends among us within that compact space [...]

Nick’s Pizza & Pub Wins a $25,000 Slice of Intuit Grant Money

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Many small businesses claim to care about their communities. But not all consistently prove it. Nick’s Pizza & Pub of Elgin and Crystal Lake, Illinois has a distinguished track record of community involvement. As a result, long-time patrons of the generous small business have begun singing the praises of owner Nick Sarillo’s popular establishment. And [...]