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Form-A-Corp Wins $25,000 Hiring Grant from Intuit

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Helping new small businesses get off the ground is what inspires Adrian Brion (pictured) to get out of bed each morning. And fortunately for Brion and his three employees at Form-A-Corp, the office may soon be filled with the friendly voices of new colleagues to help grow the business and expand its array of quality [...]

Cupcake Queen Wins a Sweet Treat from Intuit with $25,000 Grant

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It’s one of the oldest truths of the culinary art -- food prepared with love always tastes better. For more than a decade, Billie Baird has lovingly baked her signature decadent desserts for customers who are always treated like family. Now it’s finally Billie’s turn to feel the love in return. This week, the cupcake [...]

Bantom Brings Home $25,000 Hiring Grant to Help Grow Green Business


In return for helping others go green in their businesses, Rhonda Bantom is being rewarded with some green of her own. Bantom's Detroit, Michigan-based Bantom Global Industries -- a contract manufacturer and supplier of alternative and renewable energy products -- is the latest Love A Local Business winner. Intuit will award Bantom a $25,000 hiring [...]
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Aqua Salon Proves a Cut Above The Rest

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Pictured: Aqua Salon.  Photo courtesy of Noel Buican. Noel Buican of Aqua Salon has even more reason to give thanks this holiday weekend. Her trendy hair and beauty salon in the Edgebrook community of Chicago, Illinois is the latest Love A Local Business winner. That means Intuit will award Aqua a $25,000 hiring grant. Buican's [...]

Bath & Body Bistro Wins $25,000 Hiring Grant

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Bath & Body Bistro in Albuquerque, NM is our first November Love A Local Business winner! Intuit is awarding the business with a $25,000 hiring grant. Congratulations! The winning vote comes from Terri, who praises the company for its innovation: “The inventive ideas for everyday products & they work!  Awesome lotions & soap!”  Bath & [...]

New York's Heart and Soul Events Wins $25,000 Grant

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Heart and Soul Events in Frankfort, New York is our final October Love A Local Business grant winner! As a recipient of one of our nine $25,000 hiring grants, it joins WEBIT Services and Ferrin Accounting as finalists for the Grand Prize to be handed out in early January. Special events planning company Heart and [...]

Congrats to Ferrin Accounting, Mid-October Hiring Grant Winner!

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The second winner of our October Love A Local Business Hiring Grants is Ferrin Accounting. Congratulations! The business has been a fixture on Main Street in Platte City, Missouri for over three decades. Longtime employee Frank Freiss bought the business in 2009 after working for the company for twenty years. Along with John Hiner, who [...]

WEBIT Services Wins First of Three October Hiring Grants

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Pictured: WEBIT Services team.  Photo courtesy of WEBIT Services, Inc. With fall in the air and the holidays around the corner, many small business owners are preparing for the busy season and mapping out goals for the next year. To help small business owners put some extra holiday cash in their pockets, we're awarding $75,000 [...]