5 Ways to Create Community Buzz About Your New Small Business [VIDEO]

by Michael Essany

0 min read

When you’re in the throes of launching a business, it’s easy to let heady times lead you to believe that soon everyone will be talking about your new venture. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs couldn’t generate a buzz if they spent every morning swatting at a beehive.

Chris Mahlmann, CEO of Ideas in Motion Media, says one reason why so many small-businesses owners stutter-step in generating community buzz about their products and services is that they either try too hard or not hard enough. For example, spending a fortune on advertising to become the toast of the town may have only a short-term effect, if any. Conversely, if you merely sit back and expect interest to mount simply because your business popped up down the street, you may find the silence deafening.

Mahlmann suggests that small businesses instead develop an unyielding commitment to customer engagement. “Whatever it is you’re doing, engage people,” he advises. “You have to be engaging in every way that you communicate, directly or indirectly.”

Mahlmann recently shared his top five tips for generating community buzz while starting a small business with the Intuit Small Business Blog.

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