5 Ways to Promote Your Business Blog Posts

by Kathryn Hawkins

1 min read

Blogging as a marketing strategy involves more than just writing and publishing posts. Once you’ve put content out there, you’ll need to promote it — and your small business — in order to draw people to your website.

Here are five ways to promote your blog posts:

  1. Start a newsletter. An online newsletter is an excellent platform for distributing blog content. Consider sending weekly or monthly missives that offer a mix of company news (such as upcoming events), links to recent blog articles, and special promotions for subscribers.
  2. Use social media. If you haven’t already built a following on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, get to it. If you have, tout your blog content in your tweets and updates. Save time by using free social-media management tools, such as HootSuite, which can push content to multiple networks and accounts in one go.
  3. Email high-profile bloggers. A link back to your site from a high-profile blogger can drive traffic to your site and boost your search rankings. It’s worth taking time to email fellow bloggers in your niche about your new post. Make sure, however, that your link is relevant and provides unique insight or data regarding an industry trend. Don’t email the same bloggers too often, or you may get filtered into their spam folders.
  4. Comment on other people’s blogs. This is a somewhat passive way to bring attention to your posts, but it can often lead to recognition and backlinks. Before commenting on any given post, read it carefully; your contribution should be thoughtful and relevant to the topic or discussion. Include a link to your website and, if possible, add an RSS feed to display your most recent posts. For more tips, check out Social Media Examiner’s article on smart commenting.
  5. Link to your previous blog posts. When writing new posts, use internal links to drive traffic to older ones (whenever you cite an issue you’ve covered before). As your blog audience grows, this will encourage newer visitors to browse your archives and share older content, giving these posts a second life.

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