6 Ways to Get More Client Testimonials

by Kathryn Hawkins

2 min read

Using customer testimonials effectively can make a big difference to the success of your marketing efforts, as we’ve previously discussed. But if you’re running low on client endorsements, how do you get more?

Here are six effective strategies:

1. Cull quotations from emails. If a customer’s ever written to you to praise your business for its fantastic customer service or speedy delivery, ask that customer whether you can quote him or her on that.

2. Solicit recommendations on LinkedIn. Connect with your customers and clients on LinkedIn and, after you’ve established strong relationships, send requests for recommendations. You can then ask for consent to use those testimonials in your other marketing materials. (It’s also nice to reciprocate by offering recommendations for your clients.)

3. Search social media outlets for positive reviews. People often write their opinions of businesses, good or bad, on Twitter, Facebook, and online review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Use a social search tool such as Social Mention to find positive mentions of your brand.

4. Conduct a customer survey. Offer your customers the chance to win a gift card or other prize in exchange for filling out a survey that includes space for personal feedback. Make it clear that, by filling out the survey, you reserve the right to use their responses in your marketing material. You can also use the aggregated data results to spotlight your business. For example: “85 percent of our customers saw their sales increase after using our website design services.”

5. Ask customers to participate in case studies. Case studies, typically used by B2B companies, delve into how a particular customer has used your product or solution and what the end result was. Consider offering a special promotion to entice a customer to work with you on a case study. In order to get the necessary information, you can either develop a survey or do a phone or in-person interview. (Demand Metric has a sample case study template to refer to.) Case studies should provide hard evidence of your business’ success, so focus on incorporating specific details, such as the percentage by which their revenue increased thanks to you.

6. Host a video testimonial contest. Video testimonials are even more compelling than written ones, but how do you get them? Consider offering a prize to the customer who sends in the best video testimonial. For instance, Lumosity, an online brain-training company, hosted a contest offering prizes such as a lifetime Lumosity membership, an iPad, and a trip to San Francisco. The videos don’t need to be super-slick: You should be able to get plenty of shareable testimonials from customers using their own computer webcams.

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