7 Must Have iPad Apps for Small Business Marketing

by Michael Essany

3 min read

Little more than one year old, Apple’s groundbreaking iPad has changed the face of mobile marketing forever, particularly among entrepreneurs and small business owners who find increasingly efficient and affordable marketing opportunities made possible by the now ubiquitous tablet computer.

According to Dave Sutton, founder of TopRight Strategic Marketing, the iPad is revolutionary “because it has the potential to enable entirely new business strategies.” And as the “maturity of iPad app development” becomes more robust, Sutton believes that both consumers and businesses alike will remain hungry for apps, which are similarly growing in utility and credibility at an accelerated pace.

Of course, along with the boom in business-friendly applications comes a great deal of natural difficulty in sorting through the cream of the mobile crop. So which iPad apps are truly must-haves for small business business owners? Here’s a helpful list of seven of the best marketing-friendly apps available today for the iPad.

1) Friendly For Facebook (free) – Mind-boggling but true, Facebook still doesn’t have an app optimized for the iPad. But since you have a small business, you need access to Facebook for invaluable social networking undertakings. Friendly For Facebook is not only free, it’s the TweetDeck of Facebook-related apps, and it makes social media management easier and more efficient than ever.

2) TweetDeck (free) – We can’t plug TweetDeck and then leave it off the list. What some consider the best Twitter-related application ever devised, TweetDeck is arguably also the most professional Twitter platform in existence. Easy to use and free, it’s a must for marketing to the Twitter universe.

3) WordPress (free) – Contemporary marketing is synonymous with blogging. If you can’t blog on the go, you’re ill-equipped for much of what modern small business marketing requires in the digital age. WordPress is the perfect blogger’s companion app for pushing out content to readers, dabbling with story ideas, and prepping rough drafts of future marketing masterpieces.

4) Photoshop Express (free) – For those times when an image says more than any press release ever could, having ease of access to cutting edge photo editing tools for marketing purposes is vital. Photoshop Express is a simple yet sophisticated app that has quickly become a close friend to marketers who never know when they may have to touch up a photo that will soon be viewed by clients, customers, or the world at large.

5) Analytics Pro ($6.99) – A handy web analytics tool available in both iPhone and iPad versions, Analytics Pro provides real-time, unfettered accesses to your Google Analytics account(s) from the convenience of your nearest iDevice. Professional and well-organized, Analytics Pro makes monitoring your ROI, website traffic, and general analytics information vastly simplified.

6) Todo ($4.99) – Orchestrating a successful marketing campaign is impossible without savvy organization of tasks, responsibilities, and the time in which to tackle them. Todo is a widely used and trusted iPad app that helps users keep focused and on schedule.

7) RDP ($5.99) – Although much of your marketing-related work can be conducted on the iPad , there will be times when access to your desktop computer is necessary. Thanks to RDP, you can enjoy the best of both words. This hugely popular iPad app provides remote access to your desktop. Once connected, simply use it to pull a desired file or any other needed data over to your iPad without having to schlep back home. It’s a potential lifesaver for you and your projects.

Have a iPad app not listed above that you or your small business can’t live without for marketing, organization, or pure day-to-day survival? Please leave a comment below or share a personalized list of your own with us.

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