Building a Business Class Website


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Web sites are still one of the most important communication tools a business has. The challenge for many businesses - for those who have web sites and for the few who do not - is creating a “Business Class Web Site”. This means a web site that is not just an online business card, but a powerful asset used for business communication, or sales, or some other strategic business purpose.

 On January 15th, 10 Tips for Business Class Web Sites walked the attendees through some key concepts of having a great web site. For example, great navigation is so important, but sorely lacking in many web sites. If someone visits your web site, but has difficulty finding what they want to find, your competition is only a few mouse clicks away.  

Another tip we discussed is ensuring that your contact information is clearly available on your web site. Some businesses do not have contact information clearly visible, thus, not enabling prospective customers to call (yes CALL) or email with questions. Having a chat or click-to-call option can also encourage communication - but the key is making it easy for prospects and customers to reach you and get the information they need.

 These tips and more will make your web site a “Business Class Web Site.”