GoPayment Gets You Paid Via iPhone and iPod touch

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Intuit GoPayment is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. So if you use your iPhone or iPod touch to manage your business, you can now also use it to get paid!


The free GoPayment App along with an Intuit GoPayment merchant account turns your mobile device into an affordable and hassle-free credit card terminal. This means you can process credit card payments on the spot, as soon as you complete a job. And the sooner you start processing a payment, the faster you get paid. Something every business owner could use nowadays.


The GoPayment App is free at the App Store on iPhone or iPod touch or at:

The Intuit GoPayment merchant account costs $19.95 a month and requires a one-time setup fee of $59.95.

But for a limited time only, Intuit will waive both the setup fee as well as the first 60 days of monthly fees and minimums to save you more than $135.

More information is available at:







Sharna Brockett is on Intuit’s small business communications team. She lives in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, along with a loud flock of wild parrots, and frequents the many small businesses in the area.

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