In the Trenches: Celebrating Our Success

by Brett Snyder

1 min read

Running any small business can be grueling, but operating Cranky Concierge is particularly challenging. How so? First, we’re a 24/7 operation, because people are always traveling. We rarely get a break. Second, we tend to work with clients who are unhappy, mostly because they’re experiencing flight delays or reservation problems. Their frustration can take its toll not only on me, the company’s owner, but also on all of my employees. So, for everyone’s well-being, it’s important to step back and enjoy our success when we can.

December was tough for us, given the ice storm that wreaked havoc on Dallas for a week. That, plus the holidays and a couple of snowstorms that blanketed the East Coast, left our concierges dealing with a lot of emails and phone calls to help get travelers back on track. Sometimes these people were angry — and rightfully so. As always, our concierges solved the problems and helped every single client. I can’t thank my staff enough for doing the job they did.

But nothing says “thank you” quite like a note from a happy client after a trip. Fortunately, a lot of those came rolling in, too. One client sent us an email titled “Why Cranky Concierge Is So Valuable.” Another never made it to her destination but was still thrilled with the assistance we provided: “We are back in Richmond and can’t thank you enough for all of your help.” A first-time client wrote a positive review for us on Yelp while still stranded in her hotel room! Yet another wrote a blog post about the service he received.

It’s easy to have expressions of gratitude come in and just keep working away. But I think it’s important to pause and celebrate whenever we help people enough that they feel moved to share their experience. I like to take a minute to revel in our success — and then I send the news to my whole team to make sure they know they’re appreciated not just by me but by our clients as well.

How do you show your employees that you appreciate them? Share your best practices by leaving a comment below.

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