In the Trenches: Repeat Clients

by Brett Snyder

1 min read

There is nothing we like better than getting repeat business from people who have used us in the past. I think just about every business owner would agree that there is no better way to make a living. The key for us is trying to figure out the best way to reach those people to get them to use us again.

Today, we try to keep our existing clients engaged in several ways.

  • Once someone is a client, he’s considered part of the family. Even though we don’t work on a subscription basis, it feels that way because the product discounts we have for our current clients are also available to any past clients, even if we aren’t actively following a trip for them.
  • We have a monthly newsletter that we send out only to our clients. We’re not trying to build a marketing list of potential clients but rather offer helpful tips to those who already are our current clients. Might these tips be so helpful that they keep them from using our services on an upcoming trip? It’s possible, but we’ll be at the top of their mind when more complex trips arise. We know people aren’t going to use us for every trip, but we still want to help when we can.
  • We encourage our clients to recommend us to friends by offering a $30 credit when they refer someone who ends up signing up with us.
  • We offer discounts when people buy credits in bulk; that encourages them to use us for multiple trips.

The response has been great as we have a core group of clients who use us regularly. It’s very easy for both of us, because we have all their information on file, know their preferences, and can help them very quickly without all the back and forth that comes with a new client.

We’d certainly like to cultivate as many of these kinds of relationships as we can, and I’m always on the lookout for ideas on how to keep our existing clients coming back for more. Got any good tips to share?

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