In the Trenches: Rethinking Our Facebook Strategy

by Brett Snyder

1 min read

Last December, I wrote about the value of our presence on Facebook saying “if people wanted to find my business on Facebook then I would be stupid not to be there.” Now I’m rethinking that strategy.

I don’t have any issues with actually having a presence on Facebook. I mean, it makes sense to be there for those who want to find us that way. But the real question is: How much time and effort do I want to be putting into it?

When I first set up our page, I created a welcome screen with some basic info. If people search for us on Facebook, we’re there. There, they can find whatever links they need to sign up with our service. So should I be doing any more than that?

Certainly a Facebook page with updates, including wall posts, is going to get more notice. All of the people who “Like” our business will receive constant reminders that we’re out there. It keeps us top of mind. But is there much value in that?

We already reach existing customers via email newsletters and tweets, and those people make up the bulk of our followers. Other than that, it’s mostly friends of mine who were nice enough to Like the page. They’ll use us anyway. But how many new customers are finding us through Facebook? Very few, if any.

When we sign up a new customer, we always ask how people find us, and nobody has ever said Facebook. Plenty of people have found us on Yelp, interestingly, but none on Facebook. So is it worth specifically trying to update the page proactively or should I just set up a more evergreen page and let that be our marker for those who want to find us? I’m certainly leaning toward the latter, though I always hesitate since conventional wisdom seems to be that Facebook is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

What’s your experience?

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