In the Trenches: The Late Summer Lull

by Brett Snyder

1 min read

August is kind of a funny month for travel. The first half is as busy as the rest of summer, but then it starts to fall off quickly. People don’t usually start big summer trips after mid-August, so we don’t get a ton of new clients after that. It’s also rare for people to really start thinking about planning fall and winter trips before September. People just enjoy the remaining days of summer until it ends with Labor Day weekend.

As expected, our business experienced the same lull this year as usual. We had a couple of issues with people signing up, because of the United computer meltdown and the Lufthansa strike, but those were mere blips in our usual workload. For the most part, business just went into slow motion.

Normally when that happens, I ramp up some of the longer-term projects that have been sitting on the shelf for awhile. But this year I couldn’t bring myself to dive into those kinds of tasks. (We didn’t have anything truly urgent in that area, anyway.) This summer was our busiest yet, and I was exhausted. I needed a break.

Although I have a proper vacation coming up in a couple of weeks, I may be pulled into work while I’m off. The only way for me to get a real break is to take it when work slows down. So I did. I didn’t go anywhere. I just did some “crazy” stuff. I took the dogs for longer walks. I spent more time playing with my son. I didn’t do any work after dinner as I usually would. And I even cracked open a beer at lunch one day…

The end result is that while I still worked what would be considered a normal day by most standards (except for the beer), it felt like a break to me. Now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. That’s good, because we’ve already started to see business pick up quickly. September is here!

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