In the Trenches: Touting Success

by Brett Snyder

1 min read

One of the more delightful parts of running a service business is celebrating the successes. It’s always good to celebrate, but deciding how to share those successes publicly is a different question. I’m always trying to find the best way.

For our business, the key is helping travelers and trying to deliver more value than what people pay us. If we can do that, then they’ll come back every time. And we do have a lot of successes to share.

Last week, as Hurricane Irene shut down New York, we were able to get creative and get people out of town. We sent one San Francisco-bound client to Nashville on Friday night just to get him away from NYC. The next day, it was an easy jaunt to San Francisco and he made it for his critical appointment. But we have successes every day in regular situations as well.

Just this week, we helped a client looking to upgrade on Delta using miles save about $1,000 per ticket by suggesting a more creative routing. Instances like those are great stories that should be shared. We want to give potential clients an idea of what we can do.

Success stories like these generally get posted to our Facebook page as bite-sized snippets. If it’s a particularly good story with a “teachable moment” involved, I’ll post it on the blog at, but I’m cognizant of not posting too much over there. We’ll also put testimonials up on the Cranky Concierge website if the client is willing, but that’s about the extent of it.

I’ve had some suggest that we should put success stories and testimonials up on LinkedIn. That’s probably a good place for them. But we’re busy, and finding the time to share all this info can be difficult. I’d love to plaster good stories everywhere on earth, but we have to pick and choose.

What have you found to be the most effective way to spread the word about yourself? What’s the least effective?

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