New LinkedIn Company Pages: What Small Businesses Need to Know

by QuickBooks

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Much like your personal profile, your company page on LinkedIn is getting a makeover.

The changes are part of a broader, ongoing update of the professional networking site, which also includes the redesign of its homepage and the launch of the LinkedIn Today social news platform. Earlier this year, LinkedIn launched a Follow Company button that you can add to your business website to connect people directly to your LinkedIn company page.

The new company pages are initially rolling out to only a few select businesses, but LinkedIn says that everyone else will get them “later this year.” In the meantime, a sneak peek enables small-business owners to prepare for the updated pages: Click here to view an example.

Here are four key things small businesses need to know about the changes.

  • The new company page is more visual than its predecessor. Today, business pages typically feature a small logo; much of the rest of the content is text-based. The new design will allow you to upload a landscape-style image — not entirely unlike the Facebook Timeline cover photo — for better branding and design appeal. “Like the photo on a member’s profile, this image helps companies establish their identity on LinkedIn,” the company says.
  • The right-hand navigation bar lets you feature your products, services, and job openings more prominently. Currently, a user must click on a text link to see any product or service information. LinkedIn’s example of the new page includes two featured products along the right side, each with an image and brief description, plus a link to “More Products.”
  • Basic information about your business has moved. To make room for the more prominent product and careers content, details such as company size, website, industry, and so on will move to the bottom of the page.
  • The news stream is better. Although your news updates and other communications still appear in the main body of the page, LinkedIn says it has improved the stream to ensure your content finds “the right members on LinkedIn.”

A final note: LinkedIn also just announced that company pages are now included in its mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. This increases the potential audience for your page, because LinkedIn says 23 percent of its unique visitors use one of its mobile apps.

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