Some Days Are Better Than Others for Social Media Marketing

by QuickBooks

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As a social-media-savvy small-business owner, you know that using Facebook is an effective way to connect with customers and prospects. But are you aware that Facebook users are more likely to search the site for industry-specific information on certain days of the week?

Updating your company or brand page(s) on those days can elicit more likes and shares for your posts — and boost your online marketing efforts.

According to a helpful infographic from LinchpinSEO, the ideal days to post, by industry, are:

  • Advertising and consulting — Although only 11 percent of posts related to advertising and consulting are published on weekends, those that go up on Saturdays or Sundays receive 69 percent higher interaction than those posted on weekdays.
  • Automotive — Automotive pages get 15 percent higher interaction with weekend posts than weekday ones, yet only 14 percent of branded posts in this category are published on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Clothing and fashion — These industry pages can enjoy a 13 percent boost on Thursdays, but Saturdays are productive as well. Interaction on clothing and fashion pages steadily goes up as the week draws to a close, perhaps as people begin to think of what they’ll wear on weekend outings.
  • General retail — These pages tend to fare best on Mondays. While posters within this industry tend to spread their uploads evenly over the course of the work week, there is a 19 percent boost in interaction rates on the first day of it.
  • Consumer packaged goods — These pages get the least attention on Thursdays and the most on weekends and Wednesdays. Only 15 percent of pages are published on Saturdays and Sundays, so many companies are missing opportunities to get more viewers engaged.
  • Entertainment, food and beverage, sports, and nonprofits — Activity on these types of pages increases on the weekends. Entertainment especially benefits, seeing 20 percent higher interaction on weekends than on weekdays, and the food and beverage industry comes a close second with a 19 percent increase on weekends, perhaps when more people have time to dine out.
  • Finance — These pages are popular on Sundays, with 29 percent higher interaction rates than on other days. Despite the dramatic jump, only 4 percent of finance posts happen on Sundays, likely because most financial-services companies are closed then.
  • Health and Beauty — These pages see the lowest interaction rates on Tuesdays, although 17 percent of companies in this category post that day. Switching to Sundays or Mondays would result in 11 and 12 percent more activity, respectively.
  • Telecommunications — These pages also do poorly on Tuesdays with an 8 percent decline in interaction. Those in the telecommunications industry should think about posting on Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays instead.
  • Technology — These pages get 30 percent more interaction on Mondays, so starting off the week with a tech post can be a shrewd move for companies in this field.

For most industries, the takeaway seems to be that a well-timed weekend post on Facebook is likely to get the most attention. Timing your posts accordingly could go a long way toward helping your small business bolster its online presence.

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