Don’t Let “Feature Creep” Kill Your New Product

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Entrepreneurs working on creating a new product often feel that adding one more feature or capability — like the Spinal Tap amplifiers that “turn up to 11” — will automatically make their offering better. But waiting to release a product until you include an extra feature, or larding a product with useless bells and whistles, can do more harm than [...]

How to Get Organized for Filing 1099s

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The 2016 tax season is fast approaching, which means small-business owners who pay independent contractors must prepare to file 1099-MISCs. Like W-2s for full-time employees, 1099s for freelancers must be mailed to the taxpayers who worked for you in 2015 by February 1; you must file the 1099s with the IRS by February 29 if filing [...]

Take These Basic Steps Against Fraud

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Your business may be small, but fraud perpetrated on small businesses isn't cheap. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the median loss due to fraud in 2011 was $140,000, with 20 percent of frauds getting away with more than $1 million. Half of all victimized organizations recover nothing at all of their losses. [...]
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How Going Green Can Make Your Business Money


Fourth-generation egg farmer Jesse Laflamme says going organic saved the family business. "We were nearly out of business," says Laflamme (pictured), co-owner and CEO of Pete and Gerry's Organics in New Hampshire. "My parents had the foresight to convert the farm to organic. Without doing that, we wouldn't have had a chance." Embracing humane, environmentally responsible and sustainable [...]

Mom's Market Uses Green Incentives to Drive Sales


Energy costs are a constant headache for many small-business owners. Even after cutting any wasteful usage, your monthly bill may keep rising with the prices of gas and electricity. But there are ways out of the quagmire. Here’s how one U.S.-based small business is doing quite well by using renewable energy sources. Organic Market Offers “Green” Incentives [...]

Avoid These 5 Small-Business Scams

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Small businesses are the most common victims of fraud, at the highest rate — 31.8 percent — of any company-size category and with the largest median loss, Reuters reported in September. “Small businesses are particularly susceptible to fraud because they have fewer resources. Yet, the impact of the resulting losses is usually much greater than for [...]

Building a Baklava Business, One Market at a Time


Katerina Georgallas founded Baklava Couture in Washington, D.C., to make her Greek pastry the way she felt it ought to be: bursting with rich, often unexpected flavors, like rosemary dark chocolate and fig and candied garlic. Georgallas started the company in 2010, after she was laid off from her job as an interior designer. Experimenting [...]

Selecting a Corporate Structure for Your Small Business

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One of the earliest decisions every small-business owner must make is how to set up the company. Although it’s not as exciting as selecting a name for the business or approving a logo, choosing a structure for your business has important legal and tax implications down the road. Here are the four most common options [...]