How to Organize Your Chart of Accounts


A chart of accounts is a lot like the game Jenga. If you take a block away from one section of your business, you have to add it back someplace else. This is because accounting systems are created in the hope that there will always be a balance between your total assets (what you own) [...]

How My Small Business Taught Me to Embrace the Numbers

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Understanding cash flow and your business' finances is vital to success, but it's also something many of us avoid. Here are some tips to tackle the numbers.

Here’s How Valuation Works—And Why It’s So Important

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How do you valuate a business, and why is valuation important? A look at the discounted cash flow and market multiple valuation methods.
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How to Balance Your Small Business’s Books


Balanced books may not be sexy, but they provide business owners with the data they need to make smart decisions. Learn how to balance your books.
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What are Asset Based Loans and Why Should You Consider One?


Since the economic crash of 2008, business loans have become more and more difficult to get for many small-business owners. And although it appears that there is a slight increase in lending from the big banks, lenders have a long way to go to ensure that small-business owners get the capital they need to grow [...]
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4 Ways to Utilize a Mobile POS System

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Small businesses are no longer chained to their front counters to process customer transactions. While big, bulky terminals are still common, mobile credit-card readers that attach to smartphones and tablets are increasingly replacing old-school terminals on store countertops. It’s changing the look and experience of point-of-sale (POS) transactions and making it possible for businesses on [...]
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How to Save Time and Money with E-Checks

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Electronic check, or e-checks — also referred to as electronic check conversions, or back-office conversions (BOCs) — are essentially secure digital versions of paper checks. Using e-checks in your small business offers increased time and money savings, as well as additional protection against fraud. With e-checks, you can reduce your payment processing costs by up [...]
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SBA 7(a) Loans Explained

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Looking loan for your small business? The U.S. Small Business Administration has programs for qualifying small-business owners that might make securing a loan a lot easier. The most common of these SBA loan programs is the 7(a). Here’s what you need to know about them. What is a 7(a) Loan? A 7(a) loan doesn’t come [...]