Calculating Risk: How Much Insurance Do You Need?

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Entrepreneurs have been buying business insurance for a very long time. The act of managing risk by paying a premium to a third party in advance of any loss dates to at least 1780 B.C.: The Code of Hammurabi notes that Babylonian merchant marines paid their lenders an additional sum to ensure the loan was [...]

Futon Store Owner Buys Her Own Cotton Factory and Improves Bottom Line


“You have to absolutely love what you’re doing,” says entrepreneur Terri Treat. The owner of Cotton Cloud Futons in Portland, Ore., is so passionate about her business, she bought the Seattle factory that made the batting for its mattresses, futons, and other goods. Now Treat is a manufacturer as well as a retailer. “I’ve always [...]

The Pros and Cons of Using a Chromebook as Your Primary Work Computer

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So you’re thinking of replacing your laptop this year and the inexpensive Google Chromebook — a PC with the cloud-based Chrome operating system — is an enticing option. Nine models are currently available from four manufacturers (Acer, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba). The prices range from $199 to $329, with the exception of the Google Pixel, which [...]
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Is It Worth Responding to RFPs?

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Requests for proposals — or RFPs for short — are frequently issued by government agencies, nonprofit groups, and corporations to encourage businesses in a particular industry to bid on projects. RFPs typically outline specific requirements and deliverables, leaving it to potential contractors to propose how they would perform the work and how much they would [...]

How Your Business Can Cash In on On-Time Delivery Guarantees

Although shipping giants do a fine job, they don't deliver on time as often as you may think. Learn how to cash in on on-time delivery guarantees.

5 Tips to Help Artists and Crafters Manage Their Finances

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When I started a crafts business 25 years ago, I was focused solely on making art. I didn’t know anything about managing money, and I hoped that the finances would just take care of themselves. Over time, I discovered that taking charge of my business’s financial health was not only easier than I imagined, but also [...]

Does Your Small Business Need Professional Help? [INFOGRAPHIC]


There comes a point when most small business owners need professional help — professional accounting help, that is! Whether your business is bursting at the seams or barely scraping by, a good accountant can advise on the strategic financial planning that can help your business grow.  But how do you know when it's time to hire [...]

How Financial Crisis Led a Winery to Success


Running a winery isn’t easy. There are grapes to cultivate or buy, fermentation processes to oversee, product to bottle and sell, customers to please, and bills to pay. And when the great recession hit a few years ago, winery owners had one more task to complete: They needed to figure out how to stay open as consumers [...]