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  • Sandy Notebook

    In the Trenches: The Importance of a Non-Working Vacation

    by on October 1, 2014

    I’m a big believer in the importance of vacations, and I’ve written about them a lot here (and here and here.) You get the point. But it seems to me that all too often, working vacations are considered acceptable for the hard-charging businessperson. I don’t b…

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  • 5-Cognitive-Biases-That-Affect-Your-Work-Success-large

    5 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Work Success

    by on July 17, 2014

    The human brain is one of the most powerful instruments in the world (simulating a single second of human brain activity would require almost 83,000 processors). We have the ingenuity to build civilizations, feed billions of people and form organized societie…

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  • Enhancing-Your-Emotional-Intelligence-to-Boost-Business-Success-large

    Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence to Boost Business Success

    by on July 17, 2014

    It is well-known that one must be intelligent to be successful in business. However, being smart doesn’t always equal success. Many factors also must be present, including the ability to motivate, to empathize, to lead and to inspire. This is where emotion…

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  • 2014_7_14-small-AM-Non-Work_Activities_to_Improve_Your_Business_Success

    Non-Work Activities To Improve Your Business Success

    by on June 21, 2014

    For those who seek positions of business leadership or self-employment, it’s easy to feel duty-bound to your aspirations even when you’re off the clock. Career-driven people tend to spend their free time doing things that contribute to their professional g…

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  • 2014_7_14-small-AM-The_Secret_to_Finishing_What_Youve_Started

    The Secret to Finishing What You’ve Started

    by on June 21, 2014

    Even the most intelligent, ambitious and influential people struggle with follow-through. No matter how excited you are when you begin something, you might find the ability to finish it frustratingly elusive. Even our deepest personal goals, those related to o…

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  • chris-brogan-300x299.png

    Entrepreneur Chris Brogan on Why You Shouldn’t Conform

    by on June 18, 2014

    Freaks, misfits and weirdos haven’t always been cool. Entrepreneur and author Chris Brogan, publisher of Owner magazine, turns these terms on their heads by reclassifying freaks as game changers.

    In his latest book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth: Entre…

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  • Jaime-Tardy-300x330.jpg

    Author Jaime Tardy on How to Become a Millionaire

    by on May 1, 2014

    Not too long ago, business coach Jaime Tardy set out to answer the million-dollar question: What does it take to become a millionaire?

    She polled 120 people who fit the bill and presented her findings in the book Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can Be an Ent…

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  • Stookey-on-PG-w-Niagara-300x197.jpg

    Leadership Lessons From the Sea

    by on April 16, 2014

    Crane Stookey brings a unique perspective to coaching business leaders and organizations through individual and systemic change. As a former tall-ship officer and founder of the Nova Scotia Sea School, Stookey draws from the lessons he learned while at sea, su…

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