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    Can Your Small Business Expand to a Global Market?

    by on February 24, 2015

    Think global trade is just for big businesses? According to The Hill, 98 percent of the 300,000 American companies that export goods are small and medium-sized businesses. And those businesses account for one-third of exports from the U.S. We spoke to Laurel D…

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    5 Myths About Sales: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Become Better at Selling

    by on January 8, 2015

    “Everybody is a salesperson,” says Martin Limbeck, a keynote speaker, sales trainer, and bestselling author in Germany, whose book NO is Short for Next Opportunity is now available in English. “The first date is nothing else than a sales pitc…

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    In the Trenches: Crafting a Differentiated Product

    by on December 3, 2014

    I’ve been pretty excited about our small-business travel service at Cranky Concierge for some time, and I’ve mentioned it’s been growing (here and here, for example). But we’ve run into multiple occasions where prospective clients don’t und…

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    16 Quick Tips for Boosting Sales on Black Friday

    by on November 6, 2014

    Looking for something to supercharge your Black Friday sales? We put together 16 ideas to get off to a strong start.

    1. If you can’t compete on price, offer extra service: Maybe you can’t afford to discount your prices as much as the big-box store down th…

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    How to Create a Marketing Budget

    by on October 23, 2014

    When it comes to marketing your company, the old adage that says it takes money to make money is often true. After all, if you don’t allocate some funds toward getting the word out about your business, how will people know it exists? But rather than taking a…

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    How to Forecast Your Revenue

    by on October 15, 2014

    If you plan to apply for a small-business loan, you’ll need to prepare a detailed revenue forecast before lenders will consider your request. But this type of report will also provide some much needed information that will help you know when you can afford t…

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    How to Fire a Troublesome Customer

    by on October 3, 2014

    There’s no small-business advice older than the maxim, “the customer is always right.” That’s often the case, of course, but sometimes it isn’t. In fact, sometimes the customer is so wrong or such a bad fit that you’re better off saying goodbye, sa…

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    What to Do When Your Customer Loyalty Program Falls Flat

    by on September 11, 2014

    You know that it’s repeat business that keeps your bottom line healthy, but turning a first-time customer into a longtime client can be easier said than done. Big-name companies such as Starbucks and Walgreen’s have successfully capitalized on loyalty program…

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