Starting a Business


Building a Baklava Business, One Market at a Time


Katerina Georgallas founded Baklava Couture in Washington, D.C., to make her Greek pastry the way she felt it ought to be: bursting with rich, often unexpected flavors, like rosemary dark chocolate and fig and candied garlic. Georgallas started the company in 2010, after she was laid off from her job as an interior designer. Experimenting [...]

Selecting a Corporate Structure for Your Small Business

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One of the earliest decisions every small-business owner must make is how to set up the company. Although it’s not as exciting as selecting a name for the business or approving a logo, choosing a structure for your business has important legal and tax implications down the road. Here are the four most common options [...]

How to Help Your Child Start a Small Business


Perhaps you’ve heard of Tony Hsieh? He’s the founder of, an online retailer that sells more than $1 billion in shoes a year. It isn’t Hsieh’s first venture. His entrepreneurial debut, as a 12-year-old boy, was offering photo-buttons by mail. The enterprise netted him $100 per month and, more importantly, taught him how to run [...]
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6 High-Priority Startup Tasks for Entrepreneurs

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Starting a business inevitably requires completing a seemingly endless list of tasks that need to get done, like, yesterday. But does everything really have to happen right away? The short answer is no. Cut yourself some slack and understand that not all startup tasks are created equal. That said, here are a half dozen items to [...]

Should You Finance a Business With Your 401(k)?

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Launching a business takes money, and many entrepreneurs have turned to their 401(k)s to provide startup capital in recent years, The New York Times and Reuters report. Bypassing the banks by using your 401(k) can be a complicated and risky move. But if you’re considering a new business venture and have ample funds in your retirement [...]

Entrepreneurship Is Icing on the Cake for This Retiree

Just because frosting isn’t “good for you,” doesn’t mean it should be full of chemicals and hydrogenated oils. Or at least that was Gerhard Keuck’s thinking. Upon retiring from his 48-year career as a confectioner and professional chef, Keuck (pictured) started experimenting with new recipes. He developed an all-natural, vegan cake icing that tastes and [...]

A Financial To-Do List for New Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs: Prior to embarking on any new business venture, you need to make sure that your financial house is in order. Here’s a to-do list to help you do just that. 1. Clear up existing debt. Substantial debt and limited cash flow can hinder your business success. Reduce what you owe before launching your next [...]

The Basics of Setting Up an Etsy Shop

Posted In MARKETING is a retail website set up for artisans to showcase and sell their handmade crafts and art. The site handles all of the ordering, notifications, and payment processing, making it easy for crafty entrepreneurs to focus on production. The process of setting up an Etsy shop is fairly straightforward, but you’ll need to make [...]