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6 Easy Steps to Take Your Business Online


It’s hard to believe that in 2014, with the web over 20 years old, there are still some businesses that aren’t online or which barely seem to make an effort. It’s critical that you don’t let yourself fall behind like this. People are looking for local and small businesses online, including yours. Not being present on the web, or not being [...]

Top 10 New Technologies That Will Change Small Business


The digital age has brought with it innumerable innovations that continue to change the way the world does business. Buzzwords abound on the internet, bringing to light terms that often fade into obscurity as quickly as they rise to prominence. But some innovations occasionally stick, and the 10 new technologies discussed in this list are [...]

The Top 6 Productivity Apps and Tools

Posted in MOBILE & APPS

One of the key factors to successfully operating a small business or working as a freelancer is productivity. Unlike larger corporations where job descriptions provide clear-cut instructions meant to streamline work, a small business’ limited pool of employees means every worker takes on more responsibilities than they may be used to. Though this can be [...]

Top 7 Sites to Build a Website Fast

The importance of having a web presence is often overshadowed by high costs, slow processes and a lack of comprehensive technical experience. However, there are many services available that help you build a site fast without spending a lot of money and with little to no technical knowledge. The top sites for building a website [...]

Do I Need a Website?

Regardless of whether you’re an individual or a business, if you have something to promote, you may be debating if you truly need a dedicated website. A good website can be expensive to create and maintain, and it requires attention from you in order to keep the content fresh and relevant. These factors alone might be enough for [...]

Why Your Small Business Needs Cyber Insurance

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Sometimes small-business owners feel invisible compared to more established brands. But when it comes to cyber crime, your business is just as visible -- and vulnerable -- as any Fortune 500 concern. Nearly one-third of all cyber attacks in 2013 targeted companies with fewer than 250 employees. Not only are small-business owners less likely to [...]

How to Protect Your Small Business From the Heartbleed Bug


The Heartbleed Internet security bug has a scary name, but how does it affect you as a small business owner? Here’s what you should know about Heartbleed — and what you can do to protect yourself and your business. 1. What is Heartbleed? Engineers at Google discovered the the flaw and announced it to the [...]

Skype Your Way to a Better Bottom Line

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Since its release in 2003, Skype — the world’s first practical VoIP service with video — has enabled geographically distant colleagues to converse as close as face-to-face as possible without being in the same place at the same time. Businesses big and small have adopted and adapted the service to lower costs and increase revenues [...]