QUIZ: Is Your Business Prepared for the EMV Migration?

If you’re a business owner that processes credit cards, you should know by now that the deadline to migrate to EMV transactions is fast approaching. But are you really prepared for the migration? Do you even know when the deadline is?

Use the quiz below to test your knowledge and see if you’re truly ready for the move. If you don’t do as well as you hope, don’t fret! Use the links below the quiz to learn more about the migration and any preparations you need to make.

Let’s get started!

How’d you do? If you feel like you need more help, see our article on the essentials of EMV. Or if you’re ready to make the move, see our step-by-step guide to EMV migration.

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Author: Mircea Vlaicu

Mircea Vlaicu earned his MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. A published author since age 17, Mircea also has experience in the legal and entertainment industries. As a small business owner, Mircea enjoys helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.