10 Signs You Should Take a Break From Traveling

BrettSnyder by Brett Snyder on April 1, 2011

If you’re wondering if you travel too often, you probably do. But just in case you’re not sure, here’s a handy test you can take. If you can relate to any of these, then immediately cancel all of your trips and stay home for at least a week.

  1. When you’re at home, you tell your spouse that you’re going to the lav.
  2. You’ve constructed a tray table over your favorite chair and require meals to be delivered to you there.
  3. You pick up your house phone and dial 0 when you need help with anything.
  4. You sleep on a La-Z-Boy because your bed doesn’t feel enough like an airplane seat.
  5. You can’t sleep without turning on loud, ambient engine-like noise.
  6. You put your shoes on before going to the bathroom.
  7. You try to open your front door with a credit card.
  8. You forget that you can’t just choose any car in the lot when you leave your office… and expect the keys to be in it.
  9. You live out of your suitcase… when you’re at home.
  10. You call your husband to say goodnight, forgetting he’s right next to you in bed.

Brett Snyder is President and Chief Airline Dork of Cranky Concierge air travel assistance. Snyder previously worked for several airlines, including America West and United, before leaving to create a travel search site for PriceGrabber.com. Snyder did his undergrad at George Washington and earned his MBA from Stanford.