Intuit Invites Entrepreneurs to Participate in Entrepreneur Day


As part of our innovation efforts at Intuit, we are working hard to partner more with the outside world. One of the groups that we feel particularly strong about is the startup and entrepreneur community. Last year, we organized the first Entrepreneur Day where we invited 40 companies out of more than 100 applicants to meet with senior business leaders and propose how they could collaborate with Intuit to develop new products and services. Quite a few of those companies were invited for further discussions after Entrepreneur Day, resulting in several trials, most of which are still ongoing.

On August 16 we are hosting our second Entrepreneur Day, and the call for proposals is open. Intuit co-founder Scott Cook will kick off the day by sharing reflections from his experience as an entrepreneur and open up the discussion to participants. Intuit leaders will give a first-hand introduction to Intuit’s overall strategy as well as strategies specific to business units. Companies at the event will participate in “speed-dating” sessions during which they will pitch their ideas to Intuit business unit leaders.

Finally, the day ends with a social hour where invited companies and Intuit innovators get to showcase their innovations while enjoying food and drink.

For more information or to apply for Entrepreneur Day, please visit for details. The deadline for submissions is July 9, 2010.