Millennials Look To Be Their Own Boss

by QuickBooks

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More than 80 percent of those born after 1981 — known as Millennials — say that freelancing and being their own boss is a cornerstone of their career strategy, according to a recent survey by Elance.

With the latest crop of young graduates about to enter the workforce, Elance, a site for freelancers to find gigs, surveyed them about their attitudes about jobs and how they search for them.

It found that more than half of Millennials said they are happier working as a freelancer rather than as a full-time employee. Only 17 percent said they preferred the corporate life.

Asked what kind of job they preferred, 42 percent said that they preferred being a freelancer and juggling multiple clients. Another 27 percent said they preferred working full-time with one employer and 19 percent said they try to juggle both, working full-time with freelance gigs on the side.

More than half of Millennials also said that telecommuting is part of their career strategy and that they planned to telecommute or split their time telecommuting and working onsite at the office.

Nearly all of the respondents have also turned to the web as their main means for finding work, using sites such as Elance and Craigslist. It also found that 40 percent tap social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn as part of their job search. About three quarters also said they went offline, using their personal connections and in-person networking to find jobs.

More than half of the tech-savvy crowd have also turned to digital profiles and online resumes to showcase themselves and their experience, finding them more effective than traditional paper resumes.

All food for thought when it comes to hiring young workers — but keep in mind, of course, the survey was conducted by Elance among the youngest members of its community (who are all already freelancing), so its results would naturally favor freelancing and telecommuting.

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